Wednesday, 26 December 2012

"The Snowmen" - Overnight Viewing Figures

"The Snowmen" gained an overnight viewing figure of 7.59m with a 33.9% share of the total tv audience.  This figure is slightly down on last year's where it managed 8.9m but this year the episode was screened in an earlier time slot.

"The Snowmen" was fifth overall, behind "Eastenders", "Coronation Street", "Strictly Come Dancing" and "The Royle Family Christmas Special".

With "time shifting" still to be taken into account, I expect the consolidated figures (due for release next week) to show a marked increase.  "Doctor Who" seems, in general, to gain an extra 1.6m viewers on average in the consolidated figures and this usually increases to around 1.9m for Christmas episodes.  It's very likely therefore, with the earlier time slot, that even more will time shift their viewing this year.  Don't be surprised if the final figure hits 10m or more.