Friday, 28 December 2012

So...Who DID win the Christmas Day Twitter war?

Oh, the great Christmas Day twitter war - which programme generated the most tweets on twitter on Christmas Day?  Well, it depends who you believe because two different sources have come up with different sets of supposedly accurate information.

In the red corner, we have a report in "The Independent" which uses information from internet service provider,  The top 5 according to them are:

1. Doctor Who - 1,600 mentions
2. Eastenders - 1,210 mentions
3. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring - 809 mentions
4. Downton Abbey - 395 mentions
5. The Queen - 365 mentions

These figures do seem rather low considering the sheer amount of traffic on twitter at any one time.  The isp also doesn't reveal HOW they compiled the above information.  To my mind then, a bit dodgy.

In the blue corner, we have who say they "analyse social media conversations around tv shows to provide insights for clients in broadcast and advertising".  Their figures for Christmas Day reveal a different story:

1. Eastenders - 224,074 tweets
2. Doctor Who - 64,049 tweets
3. Downton Abbey - 36,453 tweets
4. Toy Story - 29,024 tweets
5. Coronation Street - 15,249 tweets are not an isp - analysing social media conversations in regard to tv shows is what they do. Look at the figures for "Doctor Who" - 64,049 tweets is a much more believable figure than a mere 1,600.  Myself and my friends would probably account for quite a chunk of that 1,600 by ourselves!

I'm more of a mind to take the figures as being a more accurate representation.  Unfortunately, it means that "Doctor Who" didn't quite win the twitter war - but they DID get almost double the amount that "Downton Abbey" did.