Sunday, 30 December 2012

"The Snowmen" - Music Videos

I love fan made music videos - I just can't get enough of them.  There's nothing quite like relaxing back, headphones on, watching some of your favourite clips whilst you have a bit of a warble to the song accompanying them.  Made well, they're fantastic.  Here are a few based on "The Snowmen" which I highly recommend:

First up, here's a general "The Snowmen" tribute video by the very talented tardistakeoff - you really should go to their channel and check out their many superb videos:

Next, is a cracker by punkfan1997 with "Ordinary Day":

This next one is a bit unusual - it's by xxStardust92xx.  It's called "Christmas Time" and it's by Cider Sky - who I'd never heard of.  It takes a good video for me to keep watching when I don't know the song:

Finally, another unusual one - this time by ForsakenWwitchery.  It's unusual for two reasons.  First, it's only 1 minute 24 seconds long - so doesn't use the whole song.  Normally, I don't like that but in this video it works.  Secondly, it's a cover version - but this cover version is better than the original:

Feel inspired?  Fancy having a go yourself?  Well, here are a couple of online articles that may help to get you started:

How to make fan music videos of your favourite television shows

Foolish Passion - have step-by-step tutorials for programs on both Mac and PC.