Saturday, 8 December 2012

Fun on Twitter with the "Time Lord Society"

Twitter can be used for many things - gossip, news etc - but the Time Lord Society takes it to another level.

They have regular twitter debates (#TLSDebate) - the last one being whether this upcoming Christmas Special will be darker than before - and the great thing is the wide variety of people with different viewpoints who chime in. It doesn't descend into chaos though, unlike some other "forum" based sites, because everyone plays nice and respects one another's opinions.

The Time Lord Society also conduct regular watch-a-long sessions - in fact, the next one is "Dragonfire" and is scheduled for 9 December at 12:00 EST/17:00GMT.   They were some fabulous observations about Matt's Doctor in the previous "Wedding of River Song" watchalong session with one contributor noting that "got to love that about Matt's Doctor - even in the most serious situations, he looks like he's having fun.".

My favourite thing about the Time Lord Society however, are the Trivia Quizzes (#TLSTriva or #TLSGames).  These are scheduled at different times in order to give those in various other time zones a good chance of joining in.  There's a leaderboard but the main thing is that it's fun - and helps you to expand your knowledge of Who.  They have the "space of Doctor Who" game which is kind of like hangman - you get a clue like this:

_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ (6/6)

and you try and figure it out (the answer to the above is "Steven Moffat").  Obviously, after a few minutes, they'll fill in a letter or two and give out clues.  The more letters and clues, the less points you get.  Trying to nail a 10 pointer by getting it almost instantly with no letters or clues is part of the fun (and something I've yet to manage!).  The other game is the "Whoniverse Scramble" - basically an anagram game.  You're given a whole bunch of mixed up letters and you need to work out what it is.  Again, the more clues you're given, the less points you get.  With both the games, the quickest to tweet Time Lord Society with the answer wins the points.

So, if you want a bit of fun with like-minded fans then go and join Time Lord Society.  You can join in the debates, watch-a-longs and games with the knowledge that nobody will take potshots at you - we're all there to enjoy ourselves (and try and beat everyone else in the games!).