Friday, 30 September 2011

"The Wedding of River Song" - Preview Clips

Ahh, we've been waiting for these and the BBC does not disappoint. Here are two preview clips for "The Wedding of River Song". (Youtube links below each clip for those not in the UK)

Clip one: Churchill and the Doctor meet under strange circumstances...

For those outside the UK - Watch on youtube

Clip two: Dorium is back...

For those outside the UK - Watch on youtube

Oh boy.

New "The Wedding of River Song" Promo Pics Released

The BBC Official "Doctor Who" site has four new images from "The Wedding of River Song". Please right click and open in new window/tab on the images below for large, wallpaper sized versions.

Thanks to Doctor Who BBC Official Site

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Steven Moffat talks about the finale...

With the finale mere days away, Steven Moffat has been talking to tv magazines and sites - promising that we WILL get answers. Well...apart from one apparently. (I bet we won't find out why there were no ducks in that duck pond...)

The Moff had this to say to "Total TV Magazine":

[It] is probably the maddest Doctor Who story ever. But it answers pretty much all the questions about what we saw in The Impossible Astronaut. We kind-of know who River Song is, but we don’t, because no one has been asking who her parents were. And the big question is, who is she to the Doctor? She seems to behave like a wife or lover. How is that possible?

“This is where we reveal what it’s all about. So you do get answers to all the questions – except for one, because that’s the way I am.

Parents?! Amy and Rory...right? Oh boy - way to throw a spanner into everything, Mr Moffat!

TV Choice also had words with Mr Moffat following the recent TV Choice Awards (the full interview is linked below) and here are a few snippets:

At the end of last Saturday’s episode, Closing Time, we see River Song in the astronaut suit, ready to shoot the Doctor. Is it satisfying for you, as the show’s lead writer, seeing it all come together like that?

It is. We’ve always talked about our plot arcs on Doctor Who, but, as you know, in the past they’ve been very slight. This has been a real ongoing story and it’s nice to think everyone’s now going to get answers to all their questions. Well, all except one, because that’s the way I am! So, yes, that’s a lovely feeling.

You’ve told River Song’s story in reverse. Are you happy that works? Someone is bound to go through it all backwards to check!

Yes it does work. Mostly because it’s planned, but sometimes because I got lucky. About 60 per cent of it is to plan, but you’re always leaving 40 per cent to mess around with. So it can be difficult, but I set up from the very first time River appeared this idea that she tells lies. And she certainly does!

So, set the scene for the finale, The Marriage Of River Song. Or at least tell us what you want our readers to know!

Well, it’s pretty much all the answers in terms of what you saw at Lake Silencio and in The Impossible Astronaut. We also truly find out about River Song – who she is to the Doctor. There have been a whole lot of hints about a good man that she kills, and the reason why she’s in prison. She certainly seems to behave like a lover or a wife to him, and this is where we say what that’s all about. It’s a huge mad story, probably the maddest Doctor Who episode ever made. It’s a big roller coaster ride of Doctor Who madness in that sort of bombastic finale style. Loads of fun.

So, we DEFINITELY find out about River Song - which is great. I'm hoping things from Season 5 will be tied up too - will we ever find out about those ducks? What about the extra floor in Amy's house? Or that shadowy figure next to the sarcophagus?

I know there's been all this fuss about the show being too complicated but honestly it isn't. Story arcs are not new in "Doctor Who" - take a look at the "Key to Time" series for instance. Storylines being too complex? I'll give you "Logopolis". Ratings decreasing? They're not. The drop in overnight figures merely indicates a change in viewing habits. Recording the show is on the increase and that is reflected in the final BARB ratings. Criminally, what is NOT included in the final ratings are the BBC iplayer figures. When you realise that the majority of Matt Smith episodes regularly hit over 1million views on iplayer in the first week then you realise just HOW popular the show is.

Bring on the finale - turn your phones off and settle down for the promised rollercoaster ride...

"Total TV Magazine" quotes via

TV Choice Magazine - Steven Moffat Interview

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

"Doctor Who Confidential" Axing - Fans Fight Back!

Within minutes of the announcement of the axing of "Doctor Who Confidential", fans started a fightback.

"Doctor Who Confidential" became a top trend on twitter as fans expressed their shock and dismay at the show's axing.

A twitter "page" has been set up for fans to follow and this will have all the latest news as regards the "Save Doctor Who Confidential" campaign. The link is below together with the link to the BBC complaints form - get those complaints about the show's axing in and show the BBC that we will not "go quietly into the night":

SaveDWC on twitter

BBC Complaints Form

UPDATE: There's now a Facebook page and a petition to sign too:

Save Doctor Who Confidential - Facebook

Save Doctor Who Confidential Petition

BBC Axes "Doctor Who Confidential"

The BBC have confirmed that the final "Doctor Who Confidential" will air following "The Wedding of River Song" on BBC3 as usual. Reasons are many and varied but the official line is that it is being axed as part of their "ongoing cuts" program. It is also known that the BBC Controller, Zai Bennett, favours original commission programmes. Here's the release on the BBC Doctor Who website:

For the past seven years, Doctor Who Confidential has put you at the heart of Doctor Who, providing a unique insight into the stars, the show and the entire production.

This journey reaches a fitting finale on Saturday when Doctor Who Confidential premiers a brand new mini-adventure starring Matt Smith as the Doctor. Viewers have seen the story, Death is the Only Answer, being made, watching the entire process from script to screen. Saturday's episode, entitled When Time Froze, also includes the ultimate feature on River Song, with Alex Kingston providing a brilliant timeline of everyone's favourite time travelling archaeologist.

The Confidential team captured the rebirth of the show back in 2005 and for over half a decade they have given an unsurpassed, access-all-areas insight not just into Doctor Who, but the magic and mechanics of making successful drama. From an episode directed by David Tennant, to the special edition that broke the news that Matt Smith would be the Eleventh Doctor, Doctor Who Confidential has always delivered the very best in must-see behind-the-scenes action.

A spokeswoman for the BBC said: "Doctor Who Confidential has been a great show for BBC3 over the years but our priority now is to build on original British commissions, unique to the channel."

Such a shame - although the focus is on "original commissions", surely note should be taken of what the viewers of BBC3 actually enjoy? "Doctor Who Confidential" gets great ratings for BBC3. Sad to see it go - but let's enjoy the final one on Saturday.

The Guardian article

BBC Doctor Who Site News

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Arthur Darvill introduces "The Wedding of River Song"

Arthur's turn this time to take on the introduction duties:

"Christmas Special" Pics

BBC Wales got up close and personal during filming of this year's "Christmas Special" and have produced a little slideshow of pictures.

Warning - they could be construed as "spoilery":

BBC Wales Christmas Special Picture Slideshow

"The Wedding of River Song" - Promo Pics

25 delicious new Promo Pics have been released by the BBC ahead of the season finale, "The Wedding of River Song" (right click and "open in new tab" or "open in new window" to get the larger versions):

Monday, 26 September 2011

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Review - "Closing Time"

Oh, what an episode. I think we needed "Closing Time", especially as the previous episodes have mostly been dark and intense. "Closing Time" was fun yet melancholy - a beautifully balanced character episode. The story didn't really matter - this was more about giving us all a breather and allowing us to enjoy "The Bromance - Part 2". James Corden, Matt Smith and a baby. What could be better? Throw in Lynda Baron and some Cybermen and you're pretty much set. In fact, as far as this episode goes, I want to "hug it and squeeze it and call it George".

The story was pretty traditional - people going missing in a department store, the Doctor investigates and finds the Cybermen behind it. But - as I said, this is not about the story. In fact, "Closing Time" is greater than the sum of it's parts. It's about the Doctor. 200 years have passed for him since the events of "The God Complex" and, on his final day before going to his death at Lake Silencio, he goes to visit his mate, Craig. Essentially, Craig is probably the Doctor's only "mate" and the only one he feels he hasn't "screwed up". Craig's other half, Sophie, has gone away for the weekend, leaving Craig to cope with baby Alfie. Or "Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All" as he likes to be known. (You have to wonder how many babies are now going to have "Stormageddon" as a middle name.) Giving the Doctor and Craig a baby to cope with was a touch of genius - leading to some superb moments and one-liners. Surely I couldn't be the only one though who winced every time Matt Smith - who is well known for his innate clumsiness - picked up the baby?

Saturday, 24 September 2011

"The Wedding of River Song" - Prequel and Trailer

Here we go - it's what we've been waiting for:

First up, the prequel:

EDIT: If this isn't available in your area then try the youtube version: Youtube prequel

Second - the trailer:

Again, if it's not available then youtube is your friend: youtube trailer

Friday, 23 September 2011

Matt Smith visits Basingstoke School

The pupils at Oakley Junior School won the Doctor Who scriptwriting competition and were expecting to see a preview of their "episode" at the school assembly.

They got more than they bargained for when Matt Smith turned up to introduce it.

The BBC link also has video footage of Matt's visit:

BBC News - Surprise Doctor Who Visit For School

"Closing Time" - Preview Clips

The BBC have released two preview clips from "Closing Time".

In the first clip, "The Doctor and Craig are reunited...and before facing the Cybermen, they have to cope with Alfie":

In the second clip, "The Doctor investigates...and then there's that silver rat thing...":

Promo Pics Clarification

I've received emails asking why I haven't put the promo pics for "The Wedding of River Song" on this site.

The answer is pretty simple. The pics are under embargo by the BBC until THEY release them on Tuesday morning at 00.01am.

I'm certainly not going to risk breaking the embargo - the BBC supply us with these pictures and, in return, you follow a few rules regarding release dates etc.

Unless the BBC lifts it's embargo then the promos won't be here until the wee small hours of Tuesday morning.

Sorry - but thought I'd better clarify this point.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Season 7 to air "Autumn 2012"

According to the latest "Doctor Who Magazine" - issue 439 which is available now - Season 7 of "Doctor Who" will air "next autumn".

This news was expected and is completely understandable. Not only is production moving from Upper Boat Studios to new studios at Roath Lock but there's also that little matter of the Olympics next summer. The Olympics will take up an awful lot of BBC resources and a Spring "half" of "Doctor Who" could well get lost in the shuffle. Far better to air the show in the Autumn when the nights are drawing in. "Doctor Who" is just MADE for dark, chilly evenings in front of the fire!

No word yet on whether a full or split season will be aired but, personally, I think it's a good thing that the show will air later in the year.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

"Doctor Who Confidential" - Matt Smith Prepares a Portrait

Another "Doctor Who Confidential" clip from the BBC - "James Corden introduces us to the artistic Matt Smith as he builds his masterpiece":

"Doctor Who" Christmas Special details...

Here's the full press release from the BBC regarding this year's "Doctor Who" Christmas Special:

Doctor Who Christmas Special
Matt Smith, Claire Skinner, Bill Bailey, Arabella Weir and Alexander Armstrong

1 x 60' drama produced by BBC Wales for BBC One

Cardiff, 21 September 2011: Production has started on the 2011 Doctor Who Christmas Special in which the Doctor (Matt Smith) finds himself in war-torn England embarking on a magical and mysterious adventure with a young widow and her two children.

A stellar guest cast including Claire Skinner (Outnumbered), Bill Bailey (Black Books), Arabella Weir (The Fast Show) and Alexander Armstrong (Armstrong & Miller), join Matt Smith in the emotional festive special, packed full of Christmas thrills and chills.

Steven Moffat, Lead Writer and Executive Producer, commented: "The Doctor at Christmas - nothing is more fun to write. Maybe because it's so his kind of day - everything's bright and shiny, everybody's having a laugh, and nobody minds if you wear a really stupid hat. Of all the Doctors, Matt Smith's is the one that was born for this time of year - so it's the best news possible that he's heading back down the chimney."

The special, set during World War II, sees Madge Arwell and her two children, Lily and Cyril, evacuated to a draughty old house in Dorset, where the caretaker is a mysterious young man in bow tie, and a big blue parcel is waiting for them under the tree. They are about to enter a magical new world and learn that a Time Lord never forgets his debts...

Claire Skinner said: "I am thrilled to be in Doctor Who playing Madge who is a bit of super-mum. It's a magical part."

This marks Matt Smith's second outing as the Doctor at Christmas time and will follow hot on the heels of the successful 2011 series, currently airing on BBC One until October.

The Christmas special was commissioned by Ben Stephenson, Controller, BBC Drama and Danny Cohen, Controller BBC One. Steven Moffat is Lead Writer and Executive Producer with Piers Wenger and Caroline Skinner, also executive producing.

Filming on the Christmas special will continue until mid October 2011.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

"Doctor Who Confidential" - Up Late with James Corden and Matt Smith

The BBC have released a clip from the forthcoming "Doctor Who Confidential". This one is entitled "Up late with James Corden and Matt Smith":

Radio Times previews "The Wedding of River Song"

Wow. The Radio Times have posted an article on their blog previewing "The Wedding of River Song". They attended a special press preview showing - and have blogged their thoughts.

Although they SAY it's spoiler free...I don't think it is. It doesn't give much away - but spoilerphobes might want to stay away.

I'll give you the link to the article - but I won't discuss it here just in case:

Radio Times - "Wedding of River Song" - Preview

I can't wait for the finale - seriously, I cannot wait.

"Closing Time" - Promo Pics

The BBC have released a lovely batch of promos for the upcoming episode, "Closing Time". To download the big versions, it's best to right click and "open in new tab/window".

Thanks to for the images.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Review - "The God Complex"

The current run of terrific episodes continued with "The God Complex" - I know some are waiting for the other shoe to drop and expecting a clunker of an episode to break this consistently good run but, sorry to disappoint you, because "The God Complex" was as good as the previous episodes. Written by Toby Whithouse - creator and writer of "Being Human" - we knew we wouldn't get a bog-standard "monster of the week" episode and "The God Complex" was somewhat surreal.

There was no slow start with this one - immediately after seeing a policewoman "die" at the hands of an unknown creature, the Doctor, Amy and Rory were quickly involved in the situation when the Tardis materialised in what appeared to be an 80's kitschy hotel. At first glance, the episode seemed to be about fear - the photographs on the walls showed various species such as a Sontaran - whose photo was labelled "Defeat" and I found myself somewhat intrigued by the guy whose photo was labelled "Plymouth"! (Fear of Plymouth makes sense if you're an Argyle supporter though...) The hotel had no exits (apart from the one seen by Rory which soon disppeared) and every person had a "room". A room where their worst and most deep-rooted fears would be realised.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

New Season 6 Promos...

A batch of seemingly new Season 6 promo pictures have materialised and, to be honest, they seem to raise a question or two.

Take a look at the two pics of the pyramid without the cast. First off, look at the background. It looks like Utah. And then check out the pyramid - it appears to be "merging" with the background - the statue in front, for example, doesn't seem to be quite "there". Of course, it could be more photoshopping issues - or it could be something like timelines converging. Theories and observations anyone? (Best way to view pics - right click and open in new tab/window. They're much clearer that way than simply clicking on them).

Thanks to for the pics.

"Closing Time" - Trailer

Here's the trailer for next Saturday's episode, "Closing Time":

Thanks to "upernoe" for uploading it.

Friday, 16 September 2011

"Doctor Who Confidential" - Matt gets rowdy!

The BBC have released another clip from "Doctor Who Confidential" - this one is called "Matt Smith gets rowdy on set..."

I am definitely looking forward to "The God Complex".

Thursday, 15 September 2011

"Doctor Who Confidential" - Preview Video

"Doctor Who Confidential" have released another clip from the upcoming Saturday episode. In this one, entitled "Smith Hour", Matt Smith interviews Karen Gillan:

"The Wedding of River Song" - Synopsis

The BBC Press Office have released the synopsis for the season finale, "The Wedding of River Song":

As the Doctor makes his final journey to the shores of Lake Silencio in Utah, he knows only one thing can keep the universe safe – his own death – in the concluding episode of this series of the time-travelling drama. But has he reckoned without the love of a good woman?

Doctor Who fans can also enjoy an extra helping of the Time Lord's adventures in a special, one-off mini episode written by schoolchildren in Doctor Who Confidential on BBC Three tonight.

The Doctor is played by Matt Smith, Amy by Karen Gillan and Rory by Arthur Darvill.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

"The God Complex" - New Videos

The BBC have released a couple of videos in advance of Saturday's "The God Complex":

In the first, David Walliams, Marcus Wilson and Toby Whithouse introduce the episode:

In the second - from "Doctor Who Confidential" - Matt Smith and Karen Gillan interview David Walliams:

"The God Complex" - New Promo Image

The BBC have released another promo image for "The God Complex":

Thanks to dwimage2005 for the image.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

"The God Complex" - Preview Clips

The BBC have released three new preview clips for "The God Complex":

First - The Doctor is under attack..and Amy is fired:

Second - The Doctor learns a little more about the horror that is facing them:

Third - The Weeping Angels are waiting...whatever you do...don't blink...

Monday, 12 September 2011

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Review - "The Girl Who Waited"

We all knew that this was the Doctor-lite episode this season - and I'll be honest ... I'm not a fan of Doctor-lite episodes. I know why there's a need for them but in general I don't really like them. "The Girl Who Waited" was a huge surprise in that it was an extraordinarily Doctor-heavy, Doctor-lite episode - if you see what I mean. The Doctor was always there - his presence was essential - but this was Amy and Rory's time to shine.

Last week with "Night Terrors" we had chilling scares. This week with "The Girl Who Waited" we had time paradoxes and hard science fiction concepts in a beautiful, character driven story. The Doctor and Rory are separated from Amy on "Appleapachia" and soon discover, by virtue of a time glass, that Amy is in a faster time stream. On Amy's side of the glass, time is also compressed - so that, although a week has passed for Amy, she has not felt the need to eat or drink. They are in a "Kindness Facility" that houses victims of a plague called "Chen 7" - the plague affects two-hearted lifeforms so the Doctor must stay in the sterile area or the Tardis. Due to the faster time streams experienced by the victims, their families can literally watch through the time glass as they grow old and die in one day. As the Doctor says, "... sit by their bedside for 24 hours and watch them die or sit in here for 24 hours and watch them live..." An intriguing concept!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

"The Girl Who Waited" - Karen Gillan and Tom MacRae

Yet more goodies from the BBC - this time there are 2 videos about "The Girl Who Waited".

First, Karen Gillan discusses the challenges of playing an aged Amy:

And Tom MacRae talks about a "lost scene":

"The God Complex" - Trailer and Arthur Darvill's comments

The BBC have released a couple of videos to promote next Saturday's episode - "The God Complex". (A review of tonight's ep - "The Girl Who Waited" - will be up on the site tomorrow).

First up - the trailer:

Next - Arthur Darvill talks about "The God Complex":

Friday, 9 September 2011

"Doctor Who Confidential" - Matt Grabs a Camera and Interviews Karen Gillan

In another clip from "Doctor Who Confidential" released by the BBC, Matt Smith grabs the Confidential camera and interviews Karen Gillan and other members of the crew:

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Merchandise Review - DWM Eleventh Doctor Companion Volume 3

The latest special edition of "Doctor Who Magazine" hit the shops yesterday - and what an absolute corker it is. This is volume 3 of the "Eleventh Doctor Companion" and covers the following:

Doctor Who at the Proms
Doctor Who Live: The Monsters are Coming!
A Christmas Carol
Comic Relief Special - Space/Time
The Impossible Astronaut
Day of the Moon
The Curse of the Black Spot
The Doctor's Wife

If you've never bought one of the special editions before then let me give you a little taster of what you can expect. Basically, you get 84 pages that are crammed full of exclusive pictures, behind the scenes anecdotes, shooting schedules, locations, etc. Quotes from the cast and crew are scattered throughout and the magazine is an absolute feast for detail addicts.

Don't expect standard promotion pictures in the magazine - there are lots of exclusive behind the scene shots - and visually every page looks fantastic. Each episode has Production details so if you want to know where and what the cast and crew were filming on any particular day then this magazine is a godsend. Along with the Production details, you get information regarding the Shooting Script, a "Connections" section which tells you, for instance, how the spaceship in "A Christmas Carol" got it's name together with episode links to Classic Who stories and Chronology and Editing sections. At the end of each episode section you'll get the complete credit list, broadcast dates and ratings.

One of the many fascinating aspects of this magazine is the information regarding rewrites and how scenes were altered as production developed. One of the rewrites that Doctor/River shippers will feel most keenly was a scene that was removed early on from "The Day of the Moon" shooting script - it was to be a short Tardis scene "in which River shaved the hand-cuffed Doctor". Or if that doesn't float your boat then you can find out which particular day Matt Smith had "topless reference shots" taken for the painting at the beginning of "The Impossible Astronaut".

The magazine is only £4.99 and is in the shops now. If you take nothing else from the magazine then it will, at the very least, give you a healthy appreciation for the incredible amount of work done by The Moff and co. to bring these episodes to our television screens.

"The Girl Who Waited" - Preview Clips

The BBC have issued three new preview clips ahead of Saturday's episode, "The Girl Who Waited".

In the first clip, the Doctor and Rory encounter one of the Handbots:

Preview Clip 2: "This is a kindness facility for those infected..."

Preview Clip 3: One of the Handbots tries to needle Amy...

"Closing Time" Synopsis

The BBC Press Office have released the synopsis for episode 12, "Closing Time", which will be transmitted on Saturday 24 September 2011:

In the last few days of his life, the Doctor pays a farewell visit to his old friend Craig, and encounters a mystery, as the time-travelling drama continues.

People are going missing, a silver rat scuttles in the shadows of a department store, and somewhere close by the Cybermen are waiting…

The Doctor is played by Matt Smith, Craig by James Corden, Amy by Karen Gillan and Rory by Arthur Darvill.

Currently, "Closing Time" appears to be scheduled for a 6pm start but obviously this is subject to change.

"Doctor Who Confidential" - Tom MacRae meets the Handbots

The clips from the upcoming "Doctor Who Confidential" on Saturday are now coming thick and fast. The BBC have released another - this time episode writer Tom MacRae gets to meet the "Handbots":

"Doctor Who Confidential" clip - Arthur swims with Sharks

The BBC have released another preview video for this week's "Doctor Who Confidential". Can Arthur Darvill pluck up the courage to swim with sharks...

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

"Doctor Who Confidential" - Episode 10 Preview

The BBC have released a clip from this Saturday's episode of "Doctor Who Confidential". The clip is called "Matt's new coat":

New Promo Pic from "The Girl Who Waited"

The BBC have released another promo pic from "The Girl Who Waited". This time they've released it in both portrait and landscape format:

Thanks to for the pics.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Review - "Night Terrors"

"Night Terrors" was a much anticipated episode and not just because it was penned by Mark Gatiss - "Sherlock" scribe and writer of three previous "Doctor Who" stories: "The Unquiet Dead", "The Idiot's Lantern" and "Victory of the Daleks". The anticipation factor had been ramped up by having the episode described as "scary" and "chilling" - and of course it had been moved back in the schedule, being the ninth episode transmitted instead of the fourth (this delay did cause minor issues in the episode but nothing that really detracted from the story).

"Night Terrors" was very much a traditional, atmospheric story that "Doctor Who" has always done so well. Making the ordinary and commonplace scary is a definite "Doctor Who" staple - from chairs and daffodils in "Terror of the Autons" to cracks in the wall in "The Eleventh Hour" - in "Night Terrors" it's a child's bedroom. Or more specifically, a cupboard. George is a terrified little boy whose heartfelt plea of "please save me from the monsters" makes its way onto the Doctor's psychic paper - prompting the Doctor to "make a house call". The opening scenes highlight George's terror beautifully - in bed with his torch, the shadows of the toys in his bedroom are creepy, the noises from outside take on a whole new meaning and this definitely resonates with the audience. How many of us didn't dare put a foot outside the blankets at night for fear something would grab it? How many of us were scared of shadows in our rooms as children? This is the success of "Night Terrors" - highlighting our childhood fears.