Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Video - Matt Smith films the crowd at London Comic-Con

If you watched the Q&A panel with Matt Smith and Caroline Skinner at London Comic-Con, you'll have noticed that Matt had a camera with him and was filming the crowd.  The BBC have uploaded a short clip showing the panel from Matt's viewpoint.  I assume either more clips will be released in coming weeks or the rest will pop up on a dvd release:

Monday, 29 October 2012

Photos - Matt Smith at MCM Expo London Comic-Con 2012

The BBC Shop have uploaded a number of photos from the MCM Expo London Comic Con 2012 to their facebook page - a selection of which are below (right click and open in new tab for large versions):

Friday, 26 October 2012

Video - Matt Smith and Caroline Skinner Q&A at London Comic Con

Thanks to TheDoctorWhoMedia, if you missed today's Matt Smith and Caroline Skinner Q&A at London Comic Con, you can watch it now:

Christmas Special Prequel for BBC Children in Need

The BBC have announced the line up for the Children in Need night for Friday 16 November 2012 and Doctor Who is well represented:

Doctor Who featuring Matt Smith will also bring viewers an extra special ‘prequel’ to its Christmas special, with a bespoke storyline made for BBC Children in Need, including a world exclusive of the Doctor’s new companion. There will also be exclusive previews from the Doctor Who and Call the Midwife Christmas specials.
Full details of the appeal night can be found at:

BBC Children in Need

Live Stream Link for London Comic Con Q&A

With tumblr currently down, here's the link for the MCM London Comic Con panel with Matt Smith and Caroline Skinner.  It's due to start at 4pm UK Time:

Doctor Who Panel Live Stream

Video - Matt Smith's Birthday Surprise

The cast and crew of "Doctor Who" secretly assembled to give Matt Smith a bit of a birthday surprise...

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Video - Matt Smith - SFX Interview at the Doctor Who Experience

SFX have uploaded their video interview with Matt Smith which took place at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.  In the interview, Matt talks about Jenna-Louise Coleman, his fantasy 50th Anniversary story, what props he'd like to steal and even mimes a "spoiler" for the Christmas Special:

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Locations - Llandaff - "The Eleventh Hour" and "Vincent and the Doctor"

Having had the opportunity to stay in Cardiff last weekend, the chance of tracking down some Doctor Who locations was too good to miss.  A word of advice - if you fancy doing the same and finding some locations then the various phone apps are all well and good but if, like me, you are looking for some specific places/episodes then http://www.doctorwholocations.net/ is the site you want.  You can sort by episode, locations, etc and the site even cross references to give you nearby locations from different episodes.

Our first stop was Llandaff which doubled as Leadworth in "The Eleventh Hour" - interestingly, the back of Llandaff Cathedral was also used as the Church at Auvers for "Vincent and the Doctor".  Llandaff itself is lovely - and very easy to find providing you have some kind of reliable satnav. Cathedral Green and Cathedral Lane are the two main locations and as you walk up Cathedral Lane from the Cathedral, you can see Mrs Angelo's house on the left.  The Post Office in "The Eleventh Hour" is a fake - and is merely a normal white house.  We also found - to our amusement - that the duck pond was also fake.  It was built in the top corner of the car park.

For "Vincent and the Doctor", walk down Cathedral Lane and enter the gates to the Cathedral near the bottom.  Walk around anti-clockwise - and you'll have to go out into the road and back in again through a gate.  Follow the muddy track and you'll come to a small bridge.  Turn around to face the Cathedral and you're right where the camera was.  It's basically at the back of the Cathedral.

Below are some photos - and screencaps to highlight the areas.   The full galleries are on flickr - links at the bottom.

The Eleventh Hour

Vincent and the Doctor

Flickr galleries:

Monday, 22 October 2012

Photos - Matt Smith at Adidas Underground - 3 August 2012

Some new pictures have emerged of Matt Smith from the Adidas Underground Party on 3 August 2012 - you may want to steer clear if you have clown issues (right click and open in new tab for large versions):

Thanks again to Shania for the pics

Video - Matt Smith Visits the Doctor Who Experience

The BBC have uploaded a short video of Matt Smith's visit to the Doctor Who Experience last week when he had his handprints immortalised in cement:

Thursday, 18 October 2012

New Pics - London Filming 16 October 2012

The cast and crew were back in Wales yesterday but holymoly.com have a 40 picture gallery of the filming in London on Tuesday.  Some pictures are below but I recommend checking out their gallery.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Vote Matt Smith - GQ Most Stylish Man 2013

Photo courtesy: GQ and Rex Features

It's that time again - the GQ Best Dressed Awards.  There is a "shortlist" of 100 men in the Most Stylish Man 2013 category and, honestly, I think it's about time Matt won again.  To vote go to:

How can you resist?  "Stylish" is his middle name - check it out:

At the very least he deserves an award for being "unique"...

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

More Filming Photos - London 16 October 2012

Courtesy of the Daily Mail - who have an article from today's filming online - below are some photos of Matt and Jenna before, during and after the motorbike rides.  All photos copyright to sources named on pictures - right click and open in new tab/window for large versions: