Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Filming Update - Season 7, Episode 6

Photo credit - GA Bundy and TLChimera

Thankfully, the crew are back filming - this time for Season 7, Episode 6.  Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman were both at Beatty Avenue, along with the Tardis ... and something else.

There's a really good set report from Aimee that details dialogue, costumes and speculation together with some photos of filming - you can access this here: Set Report - Beatty Avenue - 8 October 2012  - but warning - this obviously contains spoilers.  It also confirms the name of Jenna-Louise Coleman's character and proves, once again, that a certain Mr Moffat seems to have the odd issue with Twitter.

Filming should continue at Beatty Avenue for the next day or two.

Thanks to Aimee and G A Bundy for the photos - not to mention a terrific set report.