Thursday, 29 September 2011

Steven Moffat talks about the finale...

With the finale mere days away, Steven Moffat has been talking to tv magazines and sites - promising that we WILL get answers. Well...apart from one apparently. (I bet we won't find out why there were no ducks in that duck pond...)

The Moff had this to say to "Total TV Magazine":

[It] is probably the maddest Doctor Who story ever. But it answers pretty much all the questions about what we saw in The Impossible Astronaut. We kind-of know who River Song is, but we don’t, because no one has been asking who her parents were. And the big question is, who is she to the Doctor? She seems to behave like a wife or lover. How is that possible?

“This is where we reveal what it’s all about. So you do get answers to all the questions – except for one, because that’s the way I am.

Parents?! Amy and Rory...right? Oh boy - way to throw a spanner into everything, Mr Moffat!

TV Choice also had words with Mr Moffat following the recent TV Choice Awards (the full interview is linked below) and here are a few snippets:

At the end of last Saturday’s episode, Closing Time, we see River Song in the astronaut suit, ready to shoot the Doctor. Is it satisfying for you, as the show’s lead writer, seeing it all come together like that?

It is. We’ve always talked about our plot arcs on Doctor Who, but, as you know, in the past they’ve been very slight. This has been a real ongoing story and it’s nice to think everyone’s now going to get answers to all their questions. Well, all except one, because that’s the way I am! So, yes, that’s a lovely feeling.

You’ve told River Song’s story in reverse. Are you happy that works? Someone is bound to go through it all backwards to check!

Yes it does work. Mostly because it’s planned, but sometimes because I got lucky. About 60 per cent of it is to plan, but you’re always leaving 40 per cent to mess around with. So it can be difficult, but I set up from the very first time River appeared this idea that she tells lies. And she certainly does!

So, set the scene for the finale, The Marriage Of River Song. Or at least tell us what you want our readers to know!

Well, it’s pretty much all the answers in terms of what you saw at Lake Silencio and in The Impossible Astronaut. We also truly find out about River Song – who she is to the Doctor. There have been a whole lot of hints about a good man that she kills, and the reason why she’s in prison. She certainly seems to behave like a lover or a wife to him, and this is where we say what that’s all about. It’s a huge mad story, probably the maddest Doctor Who episode ever made. It’s a big roller coaster ride of Doctor Who madness in that sort of bombastic finale style. Loads of fun.

So, we DEFINITELY find out about River Song - which is great. I'm hoping things from Season 5 will be tied up too - will we ever find out about those ducks? What about the extra floor in Amy's house? Or that shadowy figure next to the sarcophagus?

I know there's been all this fuss about the show being too complicated but honestly it isn't. Story arcs are not new in "Doctor Who" - take a look at the "Key to Time" series for instance. Storylines being too complex? I'll give you "Logopolis". Ratings decreasing? They're not. The drop in overnight figures merely indicates a change in viewing habits. Recording the show is on the increase and that is reflected in the final BARB ratings. Criminally, what is NOT included in the final ratings are the BBC iplayer figures. When you realise that the majority of Matt Smith episodes regularly hit over 1million views on iplayer in the first week then you realise just HOW popular the show is.

Bring on the finale - turn your phones off and settle down for the promised rollercoaster ride...

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