Monday, 24 December 2012

Matt Smith Interview in "The Telegraph"

"The Telegraph" have posted an interview online with Matt Smith where he talks about Jenna-Louise Coleman, "The Snowmen" and the 50th Anniversary.  You can read the full interview here but a couple of interesting snippets are below:
Will this be your last Christmas special? 
Are you doing the next one? 
Well, I might be. I hope so. Yeah, 2014, who knows? We’ve got a 50th anniversary and then after that of course – that goes out in November – so one assumes there’ll a Christmas special after that and I would hope to be a part of it. I take each year as it comes.
A nice, emphatic "No" there.  Let's hope we can dismiss ponderings about a regeneration in the Anniversary special.
Are we going to get any payoff with regards to Oswin being a Dalek?
The Christmas episode is more about the meeting of these two new people, one more reluctant than the other. But of course by its very nature we met [one] version in a different time zone. At that stage he doesn’t even know. I imagine as the series goes on there’ll be putting two and two and making whatever. What’s interesting is that it’s having a new companion, that new role for the Doctor, it does something to him, hopefully it changes the way he is slightly and affects his personality.
A nice hint drop that Clara and Oswin may not be the "two completely different characters" that the Moff has been saying.

Thanks to Ruther for the heads up on this one.