Wednesday, 19 December 2012

"The Snowmen" - Spoiler Free QandA Transcript

Ian Wylie has now transcribed last night's QandA - and edited it for spoilers.  It follows his review of "The Snowmen" so simply go to the page and scroll down.  Here are a couple of "teasers" for you:

Q: In terms of the chemistry between you two (Matt and Jenna)…that chemistry, does that take a while to work on or is it just there?
Matt Smith: “I think always with this show and always with this relationship in this show, it will constantly evolve. And it should. And hopefully over the course of the next eight or nine episodes that we subsequently to this it will evolve even further. We’re excited about next year now and getting into that and actually going, ‘Well now we know what we know about each other and the way we work and who we are and all the rest of it…’ I kind of likened it, Steven, earlier, in an interview, to an arranged marriage. Not that I know what an arranged marriage is like. But it’s like, ‘You’re married, have chemistry.’ Do you know what I mean?”
Jenna-Louise Coleman: “I likened it to a blind date. I felt like I was on a blind date…”
Matt Smith: “I’ve never been on a blind date, so…”
Jenna-Louise Coleman: “It’s like putting two people together. Like, ‘Oh I know someone you’ll really get on with.’ And then go in to save the world.’”
Matt Smith: “And we’d met. So how was it a blind date? Like we’ve met twice.”
Jenna-Louise Coleman: “Not like…OK…”
Matt Smith: “The families would have met and all that…anyway.”
Thanks to Ian Wylie for the transcript.