Sunday, 20 September 2015

"The Magician's Apprentice" - Overnight Ratings

"The Magician's Apprentice" managed a total of 4.58 million viewers on it's return to BBC1 last night.  That's a 21.2% share of the audience.  It was the highest rated programme on BBC1 and second highest rated overall after "The X Factor" (7 million).

Overnight ratings do seem a bit low across the board - and the consolidated figures which are released next week will, no doubt, show a substantial increase on the overnight figure.  Overnight figures are becoming increasingly unimportant due to the high levels of timeshifting now - and Doctor Who traditionally has a very large timeshift figure.

I expect next week's overnight figures for "The Witch's Familiar" to be lower - the episode clashes with England playing Wales in the Rugby World Cup.