Friday, 18 September 2015

How to Watch "The Doctor's Meditation" in the UK

"The Doctor's Meditation" - the now infamous BBC Worldwide funded prequel - is now available to watch legally in the UK and, surprisingly, it won't cost you a penny (unless you go the itunes route).

So far, there are 3 free ways to watch the prequel:

1. Amazon UK - you just need to have an Amazon account: The Doctor's Meditation on Amazon UK

2. BBC via Google Play on Youtube - you need a Google Play account (easy to register but you do need to provide payment details such as paypal .. and you'll be invoiced for £0.00.  Crazy!): The Doctor's Meditation on Youtube/Google Play.

3. Facebook - the easiest method.  The BBC have just uploaded it to Facebook: "The Doctor's Meditation" on Facebook

4.  Itunes - but this will cost you £2.49 (but at least you don't have to purchase a series pass!): The Doctor's Meditation on itunes.  EDIT: It appears to have disappeared from UK Itunes at the idea why.  Maybe they'll put a free one up later.  Will keep an eye on this.

I'm hoping that the BBC will put the prequel on iplayer tomorrow - and for the US, it will air on BBC America this evening.  Please let us know if there are any other sites that have the prequel available to watch in the UK - legally, that is!