Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Michelle Gomez - Multiple Missy Mischief...

Following the launch of Character Options’ double helping of Exclusive Doctor Who Missy Figures last week, the actress who plays Missy, Michelle Gomez, has been photographed with her miniature alter egos. 

When coming face to face with the figures whilst in New York last week Michelle said:  ‘I absolutely adore my new figure! I can just imagine thousands of Missy’s taking over the world one very small step at a time’.

Character's Product Development Director, Alisdair Dewar added: "Working with Michele Gomez has been so much fun; she was one of the best subjects we’ve ever scanned, patiently holding the perfect pose in both positions for a long period of time. We know that many collectors have been waiting to see if Missy would be included within our collection, it’s great for her finally come to fruition.

The figures really are terrific - and, of course, limited editions so order them whilst you still can by using the link below:

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