Friday, 8 November 2013

Two "Day of the Doctor" Trailers to be released this weekend

Good lord, we get nothing for months and now suddenly we're inundated with goodies in a couple of days.  The BBC MIGHT need to work on their timing a bit.  As you know, we're getting a trailer for "The Day of The Doctor" just prior to "Atlantis" at 8pm tomorrow.  Well, the BBC have just announced that we're also getting a second trailer on Sunday - and it appears to be a "cleaned up" version of that rather controversial Comic Con "Exclusive":
You can see the first sequence of clips from the episode in a trailer that airs tomorrow, just before Atlantis at approximately 8pm, on BBC One. We’ll have it right here for you here immediately afterwards because we hope you’ll want to watch it again (and again!) without delay! 
And to really make this a special weekend we’re also releasing a second trailer on Sunday. Versions of this trailer have been seen at industry events but this is the first time it’s been released in its finished form, complete with the kind of special effects that help make The Day of the Doctor so epic.
Interesting.  It'll be good if someone who saw the trailer at Comic Con could confirm on Sunday whether it's the same one or not.  Whether it is or isn' least we get more goodies...although honestly, next time BBC could you space all this out a bit more?  Wouldn't have hurt you to release some of this last week....