Friday, 29 November 2013

"The Day of the Doctor" - Video Masterpost - BBC

Both the BBC and BBC America posted a number of videos just prior to and after the broadcast of "The Day of the Doctor".  It seemed a bit silly to post them all individually so here is your "two stop shop" for "The Day of the Doctor" video goodies.

Let's start with the good old BBC:

1.  Happy Anniversary from Matt Smith:

2. Happy Anniversary from Steven Moffat:

3. Tardis Index File: Zygons:

4. "The Day of the Doctor" - deleted scene:

5. Behind the Lens - the Making of "The Day of the Doctor":

6. The Five-ish Doctors (reboot) - you really MUST watch this.  A totally brilliant video where the Classic Doctors try to get involved with the Anniversary special:

Screencaps from most of the above will, of course, be forthcoming over the next few days.  Shortly, we'll post the BBC America version...