Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Matt Smith - "American Psycho - The Musical" - Mr Porter Interview and Photos

The website, Mr Porter has a couple of photos and an interview with Matt Smith about "American Psycho - The Musical" which premieres next week (3 December 2013 - 25 January 2014) at the Almeida Theatre, London.  Right click and open in new tab window for larger versions of the photos.

Talking about the show, Matt says:
"It's a big leap over a strange chasm, with what appears as an endless black hole below," he says, eyes wide, while in the middle of a daily schedule of intense rehearsals, vocal coaching and morning gym sessions. "Although there are similarities, too: both characters are aliens in their universe, both consider what they wear to be relevant and important. I think one considers himself more of a hero than the other... and one is actually more of a hero than the other. Guess who! 

"What I enjoy about them both is the alien qualities, the otherness to everyone else around them; and what attracted me to Bateman was the lunatic - the mad serial killer, yes - but also the sociopath, the fantasist trying so hard to fit in that he goes on a killing spree... or does he? In many ways, his madness is his normality."
 To read the full interview, head over to Mr Porter