Saturday, 16 March 2013

Updates - Trailers, Rants and Pics...

Both the BBC and BBC America have confirmed that a new trailer will FINALLY be released tonight.  The trailer will premiere at 6pm online - and we'll bring it to you as soon as it's released.

Matt Smith had a quite wonderful rant about Blackburn Rovers on BBC Radio 5 Live last night - he really laid into the owners - "it's being run by complete numpties".  He's right - Rovers have fantastic players and it's extremely frustrating.  It's well worth a listen:

Matt is also on "The Jonathan Ross Show" tonight - and a few details have started to emerge.  Matt says  "I have read the script and Steven is on fine form. It won’t disappoint. It will be undoubtedly the biggest and the best. And it will be one of the most exciting years for the show. With 3D, Steven (Moffat) is so clever. He doesn't just throw things at the screen, I’d get bored then."

He also gives us a bit of a clue:  "You might see London. The thing is with Who, you will understand it more when you have seen it, but ‘paintings’ – that is all I am saying. Steven is gonna whup me tomorrow."

Matt also briefly addresses his future on the show: "I go and I do the anniversary special, then I go away for a bit and then I come back and do the Christmas special.”And Beyond that? "It’s one of those jobs that you have to take year by year, it’s ten months a year, it’s all-consuming. So I don’t think you can plan five or six years ahead, or even two years ahead. It’s a year by year thing and at the moment it’s 2013 and we’ll see what 2014 holds.”

Finally, courtesy of The Mirror - here's a new pic (right click and open in new tab/window for larger version):