Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Matt Smith - Apple Store Talk - Summary

Matt Smith was the subject of "Meet the Star" at the Regent Street Apple Store in London this evening.  It has been filmed - and video should be available shortly, however, courtesy of MattSmithNewsWh0viansUnited and Betheredcarpet below is a summary of the question and answer session:

  • Steven Moffat was influenced by James Bond in the new episode - there's also some twitter bashing as the Doctor is NOT a fan...
  • Clara has "reignited the Doctor's curiosity about the Universe".
  • We don't see the Doctor's bedroom in "Journey to the Centre of the Tardis"  but, according to Matt, the Doctor would have a safari in his bedroom.
  • Matt loves watching "Breaking Bad", "The Walking Dead" and "Sherlock" - favourite "Sherlock" episode is "A Study in Pink".
  • Matt read the script for the 50th Anniversary Special yesterday - it's spectacular, is a one off special but contains other elements.
  • The Series 7 finale leads into the special.
  • Matt is NOT playing the lead role in the Ryan Gosling movie.
  • Favourite episode of his own is "Eleventh Hour".
  • If Matt could be a villain in "Doctor Who" it would be the Master .. "but it's John's"
  • Episode title for Neil Cross story starring Dougray Scott is "The Hider in the House".
  • Matt would love to be a director.
  • The 50th Anniversary special  - "you'll laugh more than you'll cry".
Thanks to all for live tweeting the event - and we'll link to the video as soon as it's available.