Monday, 7 December 2015

"Heaven Sent" - Consolidated Ratings

"Heaven Sent" has a consolidated 7 day rating of 6.19 million (not including repeats) - an increase of 1.68 million from the initial overnight figure of 4.51 million.

This puts the episode seventh for the week on BBC1.  The consolidated ratings this series are:

"The Magician's Apprentice" - 6.54 million
"The Witch's Familiar" - 5.71 million
"Under the Lake" - 5.63 million
"Before the Flood" - 6.05 million
"The Girl Who Died" - 6.56 million
"The Woman Who Lived" - 6.11 million
"The Zygon Invasion" - 5.76 million
"The Zygon Inversion" - 6.03 million
"Sleep No More" - 5.61 million
"Face the Raven" - 6.05 million
"Heaven Sent" - 6.19 million

This figure includes those who recorded and watched the show within one week of transmission - plus iplayer views through televisions.  It does not include pc/laptop, tablets or smartphones - initial figures for which will be released by BARB in their Online TV Player Report on Wednesday.