Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Review - Character Options 5.5" Collector Series

With Character Options releasing 11 new 5.5" Collector Series Action Figures that are exclusive to "Toys R Us" , just how well do the new figures match up to the original 5" figures?  Obviously, I haven't gone out and bought them all but, as I collect the 11th Doctor figures, it made sense to pick up the new 11th Doctor in purple outfit figure.

First off, unlike previously, the box is resealable - you can take out the figure and, as long as you keep the box and the plastic insert, you can happily put him back in the box afterwards.  I'm not one for keeping figures in boxes - I rather like them out and on display but this is the best of both worlds for collectors.

With the previous figures being 5" and the newbies being 5.5", does it really make that much difference if you're going to display all of them together?  No.  Not really - it's half an inch...barely noticeable (bend his knees a wee bit and nobody will be any the wiser!):


As for the figure itself - quite frankly, it's gorgeous.  The outfit is spot on - waistcoat, bow tie, coat and even watch-chain - and it looks as though they've "resculpted" the head to make it look more like the Series 7B Matt Smith.  

I did initially have one minor quibble with the figure - I thought the boots were wrong.  However, having studied some promo images, it turns out that, of course, Character Options have got it spot on:


Retailing at £14.99 from Toys R US, you really can't go wrong with these figures.  They're pretty much perfect, a good size (which gives a more detailed figure than those 3.75" versions) and a good price.  The range of figures is very good too - with an Eighth Doctor, three versions of 11 and four versions of 12.  

A little tip for you - if you can't find the figure you want on the Toys R Us website, then try their Ebay Shop - the prices are the same and sometimes they put figures there that are "out of stock" on their website.  

So.  Thank you, Character Options for releasing these figures and, being a bit of a collector of 11th Doctor figures, can I please request a non-jacket, shirtsleeved and waistcoated 11 from "Journey to the Centre of the Tardis" and also a "Crimson Horror" version please?