Wednesday, 30 December 2015

First Look Image: Matt Smith and Stanley Tucci in "Patient Zero"

Courtesy of, we have the first official image from Mike Le's "Patient Zero", which has been confirmed to hit cinemas on 2 September 2016.

Matt will play "Morgan" who is "asymptomatic and can communicate with the undead":

“An unprecedented global pandemic of a super strain of rabies has turned the majority of humankind into highly intelligent, streamlined killers known as ‘The Infected.’ One victim, Morgan (Matt Smith), who is asymptomatic and can communicate with the infected, leads the last survivors on a hunt for Patient Zero and a cure.”

Director Stefan Ruzowitzky said: “The great days of zombies are a little bit over. It’s time for something new.” He added that the "infected" are "much sexier" than the undead: "They have a lot of energy, they’re fast, they’re good-looking. Not those walking vegetables.”

Let's hope for more photos in the upcoming months - and I will just say..."look at those muscles..."