Wednesday, 2 January 2013

"The Snowmen" - Iplayer figures

Well, with very little pain this time, the BBC have released some iplayer figures for the Christmas period.  The figures do not include 1 January 2013 and it needs to be noted that "The Snowmen" is STILL currently available on iplayer.

"The Snowmen" managed 1.467m viewings between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve, making it the most popular iplayer programme over the Christmas period.  As per my previous post, the consolidated figures (including recordings but not including BBC3 repeats etc) were 9.87m.  The BBC3 repeats were 915,000 which, when added to the 9.87m, gives a figure of 10.79m.   Add the iplayer figures so far of 1.467m and the total jumps to 12.26m.

In reality therefore, 12.26m viewers watched "The Snowmen" in its first week following transmission.  Now, THAT is a very good figure indeed.