Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hugh Bonneville takes the Plumpynut Challenge

So, what IS "The Plumpynut Challenge"?  Well,  in a "nutshell" (sorry), Plumpynut is an "edible peanut paste, packed with calories and vitamins, specially formulated to feed starving children".  The idea for the challenge is to live off PlumpyNut for just one day (PlumpyNut is supplied when you sign up)  and get sponsored - with proceeds going to the wonderful Merlin UK.

Merlin UK bring health care to the world's poorest and toughest places.  They help communities set up health care for the long term including hospitals, surgeries and clinics.  They set up training for medical professionals and, in fact, are definitely in it for the long term.  Educating and training the local community is one of their many strengths.

Hugh Bonneville is taking this challenge - he's doing it today in fact - and you can keep up with his progress on Twitter.  Of course, the whole point of this is to raise money for Merlin UK and raise the profile of the charity.  So - you know what to do - zip over to Hugh's Virgin Money Giving page and bung him a fiver or two.  Better yet...think about signing up to do the challenge yourself...


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