Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Wand Company and BBC Worldwide Unveil The Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control

Oh, I can't wait for this - a replica of Eleven's Sonic Screwdriver that will work with TVs, DVDs etc. It will be available from 31st August 2012 in the UK and here's the full press release:

The Wand Company - known for developing the World’s first infrared remote control magic wand and BBC Worldwide today reveal the must-have accessory for Doctor Who fans – the Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control.

Ever since Patrick Troughton, the Second Doctor, first produced it from his jacket, the sonic screwdriver has been the Doctor’s most trusted tool. Now, for the first time, Doctor Who fans have the opportunity to bring the Time Lord’s extremely cool and iconic gadget into their own homes.

A high quality metal replica of the Mark VII Sonic Screwdriver currently used by the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, the new Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control is a gesture-based universal remote control that utilises infrared (IR) technology to manipulate almost all earth-based home entertainment systems - from TVs and iPod docks to DVD/Blu-ray players and beyond.

With a green flashing tip and an impressive four operational modes – including a practice mode – and three memory banks, a total of 39 commands can be stored in the Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control, giving aspiring Time Lord’s the option of operating multiple home entertainment devices with different flicks of the wrist.

Control is straightforward – even for humans. The Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control works through a series of 13 short gestures, such as rotating, flicking or tapping, and a guided set-up procedure uses spoken prompts to match gestures to commands learned from existing remote controls.

And, for those fans who wish to transport a little more of The Doctor into their own homes, the FX operational mode features a range of authentic vintage Doctor Who sound effects.

All unauthorised alien usage of his device can be avoided as the Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control comes with an inbuilt security setting - a three digit PIN can be set by the primary user - offering ultimate human control of the ultimate alien device.

As time travel is not readily available to most humans, Doctor Who fans will have to wait until August 31st 2012 to own a Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control, when it is available from UK retailers.