Monday, 16 July 2012

New Character Building Mini-Sets Available for Pre-Order

There are three great new Character Building Mini-Sets now available for pre-order from The Who Shop.

First up, the "Doctor in Berlin" set which features Amy and Rory together with motorcycles, gatehouse, barrels and guns. This set can be pre-ordered for £10.99 from The Who Shop - Doctor in Berlin set pre-order.

Next is admittedly my favourite one. "The Girl Who Waited" mini-set. This looks terrific - it's double sided with a sliding door, handbot and timeglass. Really looks very detailed. Again, available for pre-order for £10.99 from The Who Shop - Girl Who Waited set pre-order.

Finally, the Tardis dematerialising mini-set. This has a somewhat transparent Tardis together with Amy and the Doctor micro-figures. I'll probably get this one purely for the Tardis - Amy's micro-figure looks rather like she's had an encounter with "The Walking Dead". Available for pre-order for £10.99 from The Who Shop - Tardis dematerialising set pre-order.

Either pre-order online using the links above or give the Who Shop a call on 0208-471-2356.