Sunday, 16 November 2014

"Death in Heaven" - Final Consolidated Figures

The consolidated figures for "Death in Heaven" have been released and show another large timeshift audience of 2.15 million, increasing the overnight figure of 5.45 million to a consolidated figure of 7.60 million.  "Death in Heaven" has the highest consolidated figure since "Deep Breath".

Here are the full consolidated ratings for Series 8 so far:

Deep Breath - 9.17 million
Into the Dalek - 7.29 million
Robot of Sherwood - 7.28 million
Listen - 7.01 million
Time Heist - 6.99 million
The Caretaker - 6.81 million
Kill the Moon - 6.91 million
Mummy on the Orient Express - 7.11 million
Flatline - 6.71 million
In the Forest of the Night - 6.92 million
Dark Water - 7.34 million
Death in Heaven - 7.60 million

The average consolidated figure for Series 8 is 7.26 million.

Please note that this figure includes UK viewers who watched the episode in the first 7 days after transmission - it does not include those who watched it on iplayer via computers or tablets.