Sunday, 2 November 2014

"In the Forest of the Night" - Consolidated Viewing Figures

The consolidated figures for "In the Forest of the Night" have been released and show another large timeshift audience of 1.89 million, increasing the overnight figure of 5.03 million to a consolidated figure of 6.92 million.

Here are the full consolidated ratings for Series 8 so far:

Deep Breath - 9.17 million
Into the Dalek - 7.29 million
Robot of Sherwood - 7.28 million
Listen - 7.01 million
Time Heist - 6.99 million
The Caretaker - 6.81 million
Kill the Moon - 6.91 million
Mummy on the Orient Express - 7.11 million
Flatline - 6.71 million
In the Forest of the Night - 6.92 million

Please note that this figure includes UK viewers who watched the episode in the first 7 days after transmission - it does not include those who watched it on iplayer via computers or tablets.