Friday, 14 February 2014

The Minister of Chance - Prologue Film Released Tonight

I'm sure most "Doctor Who" fans will at least have heard of "The Minister of Chance" - a rather brilliant free audio series starring Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy, Paul Darrow, Jenny Agutter and Philip Glenister amongst others.  And yes...I did say "free".  This series is one of the reasons that crowdfunding can work so well.  The audio drama - and the prologue film - have been made possible by giving fans the chance to contribute financially to the production and, in return, you get all sorts of lovely little items and perks such as signed scripts, hats, posters etc (you do not need to contribute to listen to the audio drama - that is free to anyone). Check out the shop, choose your perk and you immediately help to fund the film.  You'll also get access to some cool behind the scenes photos and videos.

If you haven't done it already, then I suggest you go and download the audio drama because at 7pm UK time tonight, the short film of the prologue will be released - here's the trailer:

If you've already contributed via one of the perks in the shop then you'll be sent a link to view the film for free.  If not, then you'll need to purchase an £8 cinema ticket in the shop.  If you can though, it's really worth buying one of the perks.

To hell with Valentine's Day - this is WAY more important....