Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Alex Kingston and Noel Clarke Join ITV's New "Chasing Shadows" Drama

ITV have announced the cast for it's new drama "Chasing Shadows" and it features more than one "Doctor Who" luminary.

Alex Kingston will play Ruth Hattersley - partner of Reece Shearsmith's DS Sean Stone.  Noel Clarke will play DI Prior.

The synopsis reads:
On the face of it Sean (Reece Shearsmith) is intense, socially awkward and a misfit.  Get to know him and you realise he’s a man on a mission even if it leads him to self destruction and his eccentric manner frequently lands him in hot water. He’s obsessed with deciphering codes and uncovering patterns of behaviour particularly in relation to those most at risk, vulnerable missing persons. 
Ruth (Alex Kingston), on the other hand, is a stabilising influence. Maternal, but not mumsy, she’s an analyst from the Missing Persons Bureau tasked to work alongside Sean. In effect his bosses have sidelined him and she is his lifeline. Sean refuses to be tethered to Ruth, but eventually learns that he and Ruth make an awesome team. She has the ability to connect with people and has the expertise to trace missing persons. He is socially awkward and struggles to communicate; yet their strengths strike the perfect balance. On paper. In reality, it is a rocky partnership.
The drama is expected to start filming in South East England very soon.