Sunday, 16 February 2014

Review - The Minister of Chance - Prologue Film

In a previous post (which you can find here), I talked about the Minister of Chance and how you can download the free audio series and buy perks to help fund the film.  Well, the prologue for the film has now been released -and is available to watch if you've previously purchased a perk.  If you haven't, then you can buy a cinema ticket (or a perk) from their online shop and you'll be sent a link and password to view it.

Of all the things I expected when I first went to view the film online...this wasn't it.  When you hear something has been crowdfunded, you tend to think it's going to be a bit dodgy...a bit shaky...a bit ...well, "amateur-ish".  Trust me, "The Minister of Chance Prologue Film" definitely isn't.  It's very professional, very slick and very impressive.  In fact, being a Minister of Chance mogul and having purchased the odd perk or two to help fund the film, I can quite happily say that this really is the best few quid I've spent in an awfully long time.

I'm not going to give away the plot - it really would be very unfair of me to do so.  What I CAN say is that the main part of the prologue - the conversation/face-off between Paul McGann's Durian, the Ambassador for Sezuan and Tim McInnery's King of Tanto - is just sublime.  Just watch the upper hand shift between them - it's delicious.  When you have two consummate actors like Paul McGann and Tim McInnery - and an excellent, tightly woven script - then you know you're going to get something special.  They really do play off each other beautifully.

Everything just works - from the delicious costumes (personally I love McGann's cloak and helmet) to the really quite superb effects and design.  I will give a shout-out to whoever it was who designed the ships - I love them.  They look utterly gorgeous - and I would love to have an action figure type replica of one of them!

Watching the prologue has inspired me to go and listen to the audio series again - and to purchase another perk.  Well...when you believe in something, you support it, right?

So, I would urge you all to go and download the free audio series.  Really - go and do it.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed.


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