Monday, 2 December 2013

"The Day of the Doctor" - Final BARB Ratings

Well, "Doctor Who" did its usual trick of enjoying a large timeshift audience which, this time propelled it into the #1 spot as the highest rated show for the week.  Overnight figures of 10.2 million increased by 2.6 million to give "The Day of the Doctor" a final consolidated rating of 12.8 million - beating out "Strictly Come Dancing" which settled into second place with 11.48 million.  "The Day of the Doctor" is also the most-watched drama of 2013 - beating "Downton Abbey" etc.

With regard to BBC Iplayer, so far, it's the top show with over 2.9 million requests - with over 1 million downloads on Sunday 24 November 2013 alone.  Incredible figures.

You have to wonder just how much higher these ratings could have been if there were no cinema showings.  There is no doubt, though, that "The Day of the Doctor" was a fantastic success in all areas - ratings, cinema, audience appreciation etc - not to mention the overwhelmingly positive reaction from fan sites.  

Congratulations to everyone involved in the production of a quite wonderful Anniversary Special.