Saturday, 14 December 2013

BBC Radio 4 - Saturday Review - "American Psycho"

BBC Radio 4's Saturday Review - which is available on BBC iplayer - included a panel discussion and review of "American Psycho".

If you listen to it via iplayer then it's the first discussion and starts at 3.08 minutes in.  For an extra little treat, at about 3.54 minutes in, we are treated to a brief clip from the show which just happens to be part of one of Matt Smith's monologues - worth listening to if you want to check out his American accent.

Overall, the panel really enjoyed "American Psycho" - they had the odd issue but called it a "fantastic show".  Singling out Matt in particular, they said he had a "lovely air of vulnerability" and one remarked that whilst he "doesn't always hit the top notes, he's got a top body".

You can listen to Saturday Review on BBC iplayer.

UPDATE:  I understand a good number of you are unable to access iplayer so, as requested, here's the mp3 of Matt's monologue:

Matt Smith - American Psycho - Monologue