Sunday, 2 September 2012

"Asylum of the Daleks" - Overnight Viewing Figures

A very good, solid start in the overnight ratings for "Asylum of the Daleks" as 6.4million watched the Season 7 opener when it aired. This represented 29.3% of the audience. These figures will, of course, be bumped up next week when the BARB consolidated figures are released. The BARB figures take into account those who recorded the show to watch later so they give a more accurate figure. They don't include iplayer figures - which has often added over 1 million viewers to the final ratings.

6.4million is a very good start - its certainly more than "Let's Kill Hitler" achieved at this time last year. "The Impossible Astronaut" managed 6.5million in the overnights with 8.86million on the BARB ratings plus a further 1.38milion on iplayer. I'm expecting similar figures for "Asylum of the Daleks" - although I won't be surprised if Asylum actually exceeds those figures.

The full Season 6 viewing figures are on our site: The Great Viewing Figures Debate