Friday, 15 June 2012

Rare Convention Exclusive Matt Smith Maxi-Bust with Jammie Dodger - For Sale by The Who Shop

The Who Shop have placed the above Limited Edition Convention Exclusive Matt Smith maxi-bust with Jammie Dodger for sale on ebay.

The bust features Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor in "Victory Of The Daleks" holding a Jammie Dodger. Only available from the Official Convention in Cardiff in March 2012. Very Rare and no longer on sale. Perfect and never been opened. Bought from the convention itself.

"This beautifully-sculpted 8" Eleventh Doctor maxi-bust perfectly captures Matt Smith's performance as the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor. Every physical nuance of the Doctor has been brilliantly sculpted in this astonishingly detailed three-quarter length maxi-bust."

To bid simply go to Matt Smith Limited Edition Maxi-Bust.

For further details contact The Who Shop on 0208 471 2356.