Friday, 29 June 2012

Ep 4 Filming Photos and Season 7 Update

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The latest DWM - Issue 449 - has some intriguing snippets of casting information for the later episodes of Season 7. Jessica Raine - star of the BBC's "Call the Midwife" - will join Dougray Scott in the as yet unnamed episode 11. Mark Gatiss returns with a "massive adventure story" - this is rumoured to be an almost all studio based Submarine episode - which will star Liam Cunningham - currently starring in "Game of Thrones" and previously seen in the BBC's underrated sci-fi drama "Outcasts". David Warner - "The Omen", "Tron" and "Titanic" - will also star in the Mark Gatiss episode which will be directed by Douglas MacKinnon.

More filming photos have emerged from yesterday's episode 4 pickups. They certainly seem to be having issues with this one. Photos below are courtesy of