Monday, 18 June 2012

"Bert and Dickie" - Q&A Transcript - Ian Wylie

Ian Wylie has posted a transcript of today's question and answer session with Matt Smith, Sam Hoare and William Ivory at the press launch of "Bert and Dickie".

You can read the whole transcript at "Bert and Dickie": Matt Smith but some highlights are:

Aches and pains?

Matt Smith: Yeah. It got us fit, didn’t it? And I thought I should buy an ergo (indoor rowing machine) for my flat. But I haven’t as yet. Those guys…there were four rowers really who helped us. Two particularly. And how they row at that level for six minutes is extraordinary. It’s like your body is just a lever, really. And it’s a mechanical process almost. But the courage and the will and the barrier of pain that you have to get through, which I hope is all present in the film, is wonderful. And that is what our story was about.”

Matt – presumably there’s only a short space of time in each year when you’re not filming Doctor Who? Do you have to pick and choose your other projects more carefully?

Matt Smith: “Oh, yeah, I mean there’s loads to pick from. I’m inundated. (smiles) Yeah, of course, you have to be selective. But I love Bill’s writing. He’s got a great filmic history and I responded to the script. It’s made by people I know at the BBC and people that are of great repute. And that’s important. There was a good director attached and I always thought it would get a good, strong cast. But it just has to start with a script and I guess I just responded to that.”

Can only do one other project a year?

Matt Smith: “Kind of, yeah. Because we shoot for nine, ten months, really, all in all. And you get about a month to do something else.”

Matt…Doctor Who…how long are you staying?

Matt Smith: “Forever. 50 years. I’m loving making it. I think we’ve got one of our strongest seasons yet coming up. I really do. We go into the 50th year all guns blazing. And I’ll be around. So…that’s it, really.”

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