Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Interviews and Updates

Well, it was a busy day yesterday as the weekly TV Magazines were all published. Most, of course, had articles and features on "Let's Kill Hitler".

For those of you who are outside the UK, then Life, Doctor Who & Combom have full scans of the Radio Times, TV Times etc.

Digital Spy have a really good interview with Matt Smith - the interview contains "teasers" as opposed to "spoilers" and included this hopeful little snippet:

And you'll be in the TARDIS for the 50th Anniversary, is that right?
"I think so, as I'm led to believe. Especially now being involved and being a fan of Doctor Who - I'll be a lifelong fan of it - to be involved in a show... You look at the celebrations for Coronation Street - it was huge, wasn't it? And I think Doctor Who has a similar place and is an institution in similar ways and all the rest of it, and to be a part of it is just a real privilege."

Happy for Matt to still be there in 2013? Oh you bet!

There has also been another "Doctor Who Confidential" clip released. This time the cast and crew discuss "Let's Kill Hitler":