Thursday, 11 August 2011

"Doctor Who" Not In BBC Listings for 27 August (yet)

The BBC Press Office have released details of their programmes for Week 35 (27 Aug - 2 Sep) and, to much consternation, there is no sign of the return of "Doctor Who".

As has been widely reported, BBC America will start showing the series on 27 August 2011 and it really doesn't make sense for a British show, funded by the British public, to be shown in the US first. It would also be a betrayal of the fans who have supported the show for almost 50 years.

Schedules are not "firmed up" until approximately 10 days before transmission - and programmes have been added to schedules after the initial programme information has been released so this is not confirmation that the UK will get it later than the US.

Once again though, the lack of information from the BBC causes issues.