Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Audio - UNIT Encounters - Cover Art and New Details

Big Finish have released the cover art and a few new details about the fifth UNIT audio - UNIT Encounters - which will be released in November.
The new UNIT team are back in UNIT: Encounters! Here's the cover art for the fifth set of UNIT Adventures, out in November. 
Kate Stewart (played by Jemma Redgrave), Osgood (played by Ingrid Oliver) and the UNIT team are back! Coming out in November, the latest in the New Series of the UNIT adventures sees the team against Daleks, Sontarans, and their greatest threat yet. 
Kate Stewart is the Head of Scientific Research for the Unified Intelligence Taskforce; an international initiative to investigate and confront alien attacks across the planet Earth. The daughter of the legendary Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Kate and her team battle against the Universe's greatest threats. 
Today we can unveil the cover for UNIT: Encounters, which was designed by Tom Webster. 
We chatted with Tom Webster about this latest artwork, “Really loved doing this one! It was different from the previous editions, in that it was four separate encounters as opposed to a single story thread running through each episode. I usually try to paint a scene with the UNITcovers, but it didn't feel right to do it with this one. It looks rather distinctive I think. Also, two Kates was great fun, I hope people are suitably intrigued!” 
This new box set features four stories by Big Finish Doctor Who writers Matt Fitton, Roy Gill, Andrew Smith and John Dorney. 
The Dalek Transaction by Matt Fitton 
When a rogue guerrilla faction offer an alien artefact for auction, Kate Stewart and her team go undercover to the jungles of Central America. But they find that the prize on offer is far deadlier than its owners realise. Captive, desperate and alone. That’s when a Dalek is at its most dangerous. 
Invocation by Roy Gill 
It’s Hallowe’en, and Josh finds himself at a party where phantoms are becoming all too real. Osgood is working late and hears a voice from the skies making strange incantations. The next day, Kate has gone missing in the Scottish Borders, and the team head north to investigate. Ghosts from the past are haunting UNIT, and now they threaten the whole world… 
The Sontaran Project by Andrew Smith 
On a routine reconnaissance mission, Colonel Shindi finds more than he bargains for in the Forest of Ardennes. Back in England, an old colleague makes Osgood an offer she cannot refuse. The chance to take part in an exciting new scientific advance. Before long, UNIT is on collision course with a force of alien clones, and Kate must forge an unlikely alliance. 
False Negative by John Dorney 
When a strange travel capsule is activated in UNIT’s laboratory, Osgood and Josh find themselves in a whole new world of trouble. Soon, nobody at UNIT HQ is quite who they seem, and the team discovers that the greatest danger they could ever face comes from within... 
You can pick up this new box set upon its deployment in November, currently available at the pre-order price of £23 on CD or £20 on download. Every CD purchase unlocks a download copy, which is available via the Big Finish app
What did you think of the previous UNIT box sets? UNIT Assembled saw UNIT teams old and new reunited to take on the Sea Devils and the Silurians. Let us know which was your favourite!