Sunday, 18 September 2016

Promo Images & Synopsis - Jemma Redgrave - "Holby City - Life in the Freezer"

The Synopsis and promo images for "Holby City" Series 18, Episode 51 - "Life In the Freezer" - have been released. This episode will air on Tuesday 27 September at 8pm on BBC1. There are 2 promo images featuring Jemma Redgrave - full size versions in the Who-Natic Gallery.
When Mr T’s sister Delwen is brought in for treatment on Darwin, she’s suspicious that Mo isn’t being entirely truthful with her brother about the baby. Adamant that Mo wouldn’t lie to him, Mr T makes a big request of Mo that she just can’t refuse. 
Hanssen offers Bernie the chance to fulfil a secondment in Ukraine but Serena is desperate for her to stay. Bernie is forced to assess her true feelings and comes to a dramatic decision. 
Isaac asks Dom to move in with him… and out from his flat with Zosia. When it comes to telling Zosia about his plans, Dom struggles to come clean, leaving her to find out second hand from Isaac.

Full size images in the Who-Natic Gallery.