Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Promo Images & Synopsis - Jemma Redgrave - "Holby City - Indefensible"

The BBC have released 2 new sneak peek promo images from "Holby City" series 18, episode 44 - "Indefensible" which will air on BBC1 on Thursday 4 August 2016 at 8pm.  Both images feature Jemma Redgrave and the full size versions are in the Who-Natic Gallery.
Bernie's son Cameron comes crashing into the hospital, forcing Bernie to face some home truths about her poor parenting. When Cameron then asks Bernie to lie for him about a serious car accident, she finds it harder than ever to refuse him. 
Sacha and Essie disagree over a patient, but it soon becomes clear the tension is not just professional but personal too. With the return of pharmacist Mel serving as a reminder of Ivor's death several weeks ago, will the strain on their relationship prove too much? 
Morven arrives at Holby on her day off, keen to avoid another day alone grieving in her flat. When she's thrown together with Jasmine, who happens to be in need of somewhere to live, Morven questions whether she could share a flat with someone apparently so different to her.

Full size images in the Who-Natic Gallery.

Thanks to Jonathan from Life, Doctor Who & Combom for the images.