Friday, 12 February 2016

Promo Image - Jemma Redgrave - "Holby City - All Fall Down"

The BBC have released the promo images and synopsis for "Holby City", Series 18 - Episode 20: "All Fall Down".  This episode airs on BBC 1 on Tuesday 23 February 2016 at 8pm.  There is one image of Jemma Redgrave - and the full size version of the promo image is in the Who-Natic Gallery.

Arthur's dream of becoming a live donor for Morven's father receives a damaging setback. Meanwhile, Serena must decide if she's going to fully accept Jason into her family or not. And it's Bernie's first day as a civilian doctor, but will she be able to leave the army rules behind?
Note - Jemma is not in the cast list for Episode 19 ("All That Glitters") which airs on Tuesday 16 February 2016 - and if you've seen this week's episode then I'm sure you can see why.

Thanks to the lovely Jonathan from Life, Doctor Who & Combom for the promo image.

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