Friday, 2 January 2015

"Last Christmas" - Consolidated Viewing Figures

The consolidated figures for "Last Christmas" have been released and show another large timeshift audience of 1.94 million, increasing the overnight figure of 6.34 million to a consolidated figure of 8.28 million.  This makes "Last Christmas" the sixth most watched show on Christmas Day.  The interesting thing is that even "Mrs Brown's Boys" managed only 9.69 million - whereas last year it was 11.68 million.  For some reason, viewing figures were down overall.  

I think part of the reason is the increase in the number who watch on iplayer via computers or tablets - these are currently not included in the consolidated figures.  To get a better picture, it's probably better to look at the "live +7" figures.

Another thing to consider is that "Last Christmas" is still high in the iplayer charts.  It is still being watched.

For comparison - "The Time of the Doctor" managed 11.14 million but obviously had the added "bonus" of a regeneration; "The Snowmen" achieved 9.87 million.

Please note that this figure includes UK viewers who watched the episode in the first 7 days after transmission - it does not include those who watched it on iplayer via computers or tablets.