Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Happy Birthday, Matt Smith!

Well, Matt Smith has hit the grand old age of 32 today - still a young whippersnapper to a lot of us.   Not only are fans on facebook, tumblr and twitter madly posting photos and gifs in celebration (check out the #HappyBirthdayMattSmith tag on twitter and add your own message) but we've decided to post a few videos of our favourite moments from his career so far.  (If it's photos you crave then we have lots of photos of Matt in the Matt Smith section of the Coppermine Gallery.)  Even the BBC Doctor Who Shop have jumped on the celebration bandwagon and are offering special deals on Matt Smith merchandise - check it out here.

So.  Videos.  First up, a little something from way back in 2007.  A very youthful Matt played Ian Hanley in 2 episodes of Series 2 of "The Street" - and here's a little clip from episode 4:

Clip courtesy of Who Time Team

A bit more recent now - "Moses Jones" - filmed prior to the announcement of Matt as the Eleventh Doctor but transmitted on BBC 1 after, Matt plays DS Dan Twentyman:

Clip courtesy of Luvpunkie

And then there's that cute little short film "Together" (have a look for it on itunes):

Clip courtesy of ILoveUKTV

Of course, we couldn't miss out the intriguing and rather controversial film, "Clone" (originally titled "Womb").  It's definitely thought-provoking:

Clip courtesy of ArrowFilmsUK

Then there's the critically acclaimed "Christopher and His Kind":

Clip courtesy of Who Time Team

In "Bert and Dickie" we got to see a bit of muscle during the rowing scenes:

clip courtesy of Olga P

And, in the UK, we're not only waiting for a release date but also a UK distributor for "Lost River" - we'd love to see more of your muscles, Matt, but we may not get the chance:

Clip courtesy of Movie Trailers

This, of course, wouldn't be complete without "Doctor Who" clips.  The Eleventh Doctor is, after all, someone a little bit special.  Instead of posting numerous small videos, have a 13 minute clip extravaganza instead:

clip courtesy of LaurenOUAT

Happy Birthday, Mr Smith.  We very much look forward to seeing you on screen again soon in "Terminator: Genisys" and "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies".

If you'd like to buy the dvd/blu-rays of some of the shows mentioned above then follow the links below:

The Street - Complete Series 2 [DVD]

Moses Jones [DVD]

Clone [DVD]

Clone [Blu-ray]

Christopher And His Kind [DVD]