Friday, 31 October 2014

Classic Who on the Drama Channel UK

In recent times, those of us who only have access to Freeview Channels, had to sit in envy whilst Satellite Channels "Watch" and "The Horror Channel" aired a variety of Classic Who stories.  However - our time has come!

From Sunday 2 November 2014, the Drama Channel (available on Freeview Channel 20) will be showing Classic Who.  Currently the plans are one story per Doctor to air on Sundays at 4pm - and at the moment, the Drama Channel website only shows the first 6 Doctors (this should change at a later date).  The stories selected so far are:

William Hartnell - "The Aztecs" - 2 November

Patrick Troughton - "Tomb of the Cybermen" - 9 November

Jon Pertwee - "Spearhead from Space" - 16 November

Tom Baker - "Pyramids of Mars" - 23 November

Peter Davison -"Earthshock" - 30 November

Colin Baker - "Vengeance on Varos" - 7 December

Drama will also be airing "An Adventure In Space and Time" on Sunday 2 November at 6pm.