Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mark Gatiss to Write Two More Episodes - Seasons 8 AND 9?

As reported by the Radio Times, Mark Gatiss, whilst on a promotional BBC Worldwide tour of Brazil, recently revealed:  "I am writing for Peter Capaldi - two episodes, in fact".  The immediate assumption was that both episodes would be for the currently in production Season 8.  However, earlier this morning, Mr Gatiss provided some clarification:

So, the probability is one for Season 8 and one for Season 9 - which is pretty cool.  Hopefully, we'll get more Ice Warriors - personally I loved both "Cold War" and "The Crimson Horror" - maybe we could see a return to Peladon.  You never know.  

Of course, one tiny little thing of note.  Mr Gatiss mentioned two episodes for Peter Capaldi - does this put paid to the "Capaldi is only doing one season" rumours?  Probably not but it's another tick in the optimism column.