Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Diabloskinz - Doctor Who Cases, Covers and Skins

Diabloskinz are the largest skin manufacturer in the UK and, since obtaining a Doctor Who and Top Gear licensing deal with BBC Worldwide, they have available a large number of Doctor Who skins, cases and covers for everything from mobile phones to laptops.

Having previously purchased a Doctor Who skin from them for my old HTC Wildfire phone (and really loved it), I decided to try them again when I needed a case for my ipad mini.  Currently, there are 18 different Doctor Who skins (including the one above) at Diabloskinz - a few of which are below:

I selected "The Doctor and the Tardis" leather case and have been very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the ipad mini case.  It's a nice, hard case and the ipad mini slots in perfectly - to prove how snug the fit is I rather dangerously held it open and upside down and, thankfully, the ipad didn't move.  I can happily vouch for how sturdy the product is as well - because I've already (accidentally) dropped it on the floor this morning and both ipad and case emerged completely unscathed and unmarked.

An elastic strap, which slides over the back of the case, keeps the front cover closed and stops it opening in bags etc.  The hard back cover has a hole for the camera (protected by the elastic strap when the case is closed) and all the buttons on the sides are easily accessible.

Price-wise, the ipad mini leather case is £29.99 - with free UK delivery.  It really is well worth the price - it looks fantastic (the photos don't do it justice) and it is a high quality product.  I wanted something sturdy to protect my ipad mini - especially as it gets knocked around in bags etc - and this case is simply perfect.

Have a look at Diabloskinz website - the sheer number of phones, ipads, kindles and laptops they can manufacture for is stunning.  You want a custom skin or case?  They've got you covered there as well - just email what you want via their request form and one of the support staff will contact you to discuss it.  Can't say fairer than that, can you?  

Now...I think I need a new case for my Kindle Fire HD...