Monday, 7 October 2013

Matt Smith to Make Musical Stage Debut...

Both the Mail Online and What's On Stage are reporting that Matt Smith will begin rehearsals today for a musical version of "American Psycho" in which he'll take the lead role of Patrick Bateman.

The musical will run from 3 December 2013 until 25 January 2014 at the Almeida Theatre, London.  The report in the Mail Online states:
Smith begins rehearsals today (Monday) for a musical version of Brett Easton Ellis’s controversial novel American Psycho about Patrick Bateman a fictional 1980s Wall Street investment banker who engages in twisted, sick, sadistic, misogynistic fantasies involving rape, mutilation, torture and cannibalism.  
‘It’s a damn difficult role to pull off and Smith has charm and the acting chops to do it’, a source close to the production told the Daily Mail. ‘It’s bold casting and brave for Smith to take it on’, the source added. 
Smith’s known to be a strong singer but he has had a series of singing lessons to stretch his vocal range , to make it easier to get through eight performances a week. Plus, he will need to be able to shake it up on the dance floor because the show’s director Rupert Goold, has introduced several dance numbers. 
The score by Duncan Sheik, who wrote the show Spring Awakening, features songs that celebrate Bateman’s obsessions with fashion and food. 
One number has the cast gyrating to a number about Chanel, Gucci and Armani while another is set in a gym.
For those who have seen the film, Christian Bale played Patrick Bateman.  If you want to book tickets then simply visit Almeida Theatre, London - but be quick, they're selling out very fast.