Monday, 23 September 2013

Merchandise - More Goodies from the BBC Shop

I do love the BBC Shop - unlike the rest of the BBC they've been celebrating the 50th Anniversary all year with various delights on offer.  Obviously, the merchandising is ramping up the closer we get to November so below are some new releases - and the odd thing you might have missed.  Remember - there's also free delivery within the UK from the BBC Shop.

Available now:

First up - wristbands.  Yeah, everyone loves wristbands - I know I do ... I seem to have accumulated a large collection of them so of course, I had to order this:

It's one wristband - with "50 Years of Doctor Who" in gold alongside the "Doctor Who" and "DW" logo in white.  They're a fiver.  Really.  You can't go wrong.  You can order them from the BBC Shop.

Next, an "exploding Tardis bag for all time".  There's an obsession in UK supermarkets with attempting to save the planet by reducing the number of plastic carrier bags sold and offering "bags for life" instead.  You can go one better with this though.  It's a canvas "bag for all time" featuring an exploding Tardis:

Priced £5.99 at the BBC Shop.

How can anyone resist this?  The 12" British Icon Dalek - 50th Anniversary Collector Edition.  He's just gorgeous:

He's also, dare I say, a "proper" Dalek - none of your New Paradigm "Renault Megane" type Daleks.  Described as a "free-wheeling Dalek" that "features poseable arm, head and eye. Also includes 8 Dalek phrases with lights and sound FX."   He's just pretty fantastic.  This gorgeous guy is priced £39.99 at the BBC Shop

Being the Anniversary, the BBC have released 2 calendars for 2014.  The first is a beautiful Anniversary calendar featuring all the Doctors - one per month in special art prints with the final month being an accumulation (right click and open in new tab/window for larger versions):

This little beauty is £8.99 from the BBC Shop

Their normal calendar for 2014 is basically a Season 7 calendar featuring poster art from various episodes:

Again, a very reasonable £8.99 from the BBC Shop

No merchandise recommendation would be complete without a bit of frivolity... and this time I have just the thing.  Yeah, it's an Eleventh Doctor Mr Potato Head:

Isn't he sweet?  Featuring 8 removable parts and pieces, he's priced £16.99 from the BBC Shop


Obviously, there's the "Day of the Doctor DVD at £13.99 and the  "Complete Series 7 DVD Boxset (priced £30.99 on DVD and £34.99 on Blu-Ray) but what about this...
Yes, it's the Complete Series 7 - but in a BBC Shop Exclusive Limited Edition Tardis Packaging.  It looks fantastic and is available for pre-order priced £43.99 on DVD and £46.99 on Blu-Ray.  The release date is 28 October 2013.

Honestly, there are lots of goodies in the 50th Anniversary section of the BBC Shop and not everything is expensive - there are lots of very reasonably priced delights on offer.