Friday, 26 July 2013

BBC Release Press Statement Regarding San Diego Comic-Con Trailer

Airing an "exclusive" trailer for the 50th Anniversary Special at San Diego Comic-Con proved extremely controversial - it generated a lot of anger amongst those 99% not attending the event.  The BBC received a "large number of complaints" as the lady on the BBC Information Line told me today - complaints that were growing in number after the Boxset debacle happened earlier.

Well, the BBC have released what must be the shortest statement in the history of forever:
This was an exclusive Comic Con trailer made especially for the Doctor Who 50th panel, it has not been released in the US. This world famous international event is an established platform used by all of the major producers. UK fans can look forward to exclusive content over the next few months.
Unless you do as the BBC did at Comic-Con and basically lock people in a room and threaten them then no content is "exclusive".  Besides, we Brits are essentially nice - we simply don't agree with certain sections of fandom getting trailers etc that the rest don't see, so you can basically guarantee that if the BBC DO put something online that is "geographically restricted", then we'll rip it out and upload it to youtube for the world to see.

Yet more PR issues for the BBC - we've had Boxsets going out in the US early, a leaked BBC Worldwide email stating a "New Doctor" next year which meant the BBC had to rush out Matt's leaving announcement, controversy amongst UK fans as other countries get regular repeats of Classic Who and we get nothing, a prequel being available to watch free via Amazon in the US but UK fans having to buy the season on itunes to see it....and now this - and I haven't really started on the Complete Series 7 Boxset announcement yet.

The BBC may yet surprise us - they may show us a trailer fairly shortly but I'm not going to hold my breath.  It'll be a few more pictures know... in case we've forgotten what Daleks and Zygons look like.